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Rules governing allocation of coal blocks in India. iPleaders.

Apr 12, 2017 · Controller and Auditor General of India(C&AG), in August 2012, released a report regarding allocation procedure of coal blocks and major drawbacks in this process till date. He recommended that this process should be more transparent. He also suggested that competitive bidding can make a more objective approach in allocation of coal blocks.

JAn 203 1 of 21 Surface Blasting Safety Procedures

Blasting Blocker or Guard Persons assigned to block the entry of vehicles and persons to the blasting area during detonation and subsequent inspection until the reentry to the area is allowed. Blast Foreman The Supervisor who is responsible for ensuring that the blasting procedure is executed.

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Field Description and Sampling of Coal Beds - USGS

FIELD DESCRIPTION AND SAMPLING OF COAL BEDS By JAMES M. SCHOPF ABSTRACT Field procedures used in describing and sampling coal deposits should be uniform, and the acquired data should be as quantitative and complete as possi­ ble. Field data are the basis for laboratory studies and all conclusions drawn from fieldwork.

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GUIDANCE ICE Futures Europe Block Trades and Asset .

Members must also ensure that Block Trades and Asset Allocations are reported in accordance with Exchange Rule F.7 and F.7.D and Trading Procedure 17 and 16C, Failure to do so may render the Member liable to disciplinary action by the Exchange and potentially the FCA or another Regulatory Body.

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Block Trades - CME Group

A Block Trade is a privately negotiated futures, options or combination transaction that is permitted to be executed apart from the public auction market.Participation in block trades is restricted to Eligible Contract Participants as that term is defined in the Commodity Exchange Act.

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Coal block e-auction rules: Current mine owners to get ...

The captive coal mining firms in producing blocks might not lose their mines even after the deadline of March 31, 2015, set by the Supreme Court. The government's final rules for reallocation of cancelled mines through an e-auction process give the existing owners an advantage over new bidders. In ...

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and therefore, there is a need for a clear policy guideline on linkages of fuel (i.e. coal) or coal blocks to be developed as captive mines for the power plants. With a view to facilitate the process of allotment of coal blocks / coal linkages for thermal power projects, Ministry of Power has been issuing necessary communications from time to time.

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(PDF) Coal petrographic laboratory procedures and safety ...

PDF | This manual has a dual purpose: (1) to provide to new employees, interested colleagues, the industry, and the public a guide to the methods and procedures used in sample preparation and ...

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PM's statement on coal block allocation - Full text ...

Aug 27, 2012 · PM's statement on coal block allocation - Full text. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement in Parliament on the Performance Audit Report on Allocation of Coal Blocks and Augmentation of Coal Production:

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Coal Minister can't give go by to established procedure ...

Mar 11, 2015 · Coal Minister cannot give a go by to the established procedure and guidelines on the issue of coal block allocation while exercising discretion conferred on him as any contravention of the settled process would be "clearly bad in law", a special court observed Wednesday. New Delhi: Coal .

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Policies and Guidelines | Ministry of Coal, Government of ...

This is the official website of Coal Ministry, Government of India. You can find information related Tenders, Notices, latest updates pertaining to Ministry of Coal, Government of India. Policies and Guidelines | Ministry of Coal, Government of India

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Sampling and Testing in Coal Quality Management - sgs

The coal flow, moisture variations and other conditions that can have an effect . on the coal stream or coal characteristics must be reviewed. The number of seams, coal types or blends to be used in the test must be established, and the widest range of ash and sulphur values must be selected. The mechanical sampling system should be inspected

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Coal Block Allocations and the 2015 Bill | PRSIndia

Earlier this week, Lok Sabha passed the Bill that provides for the allocation of coal mines that were cancelled by the Supreme Court last year. In light of this development, this post looks at the issues surrounding coal block allocations and what the 2015 Bill seeks to achieve.

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A procedure to detect, construct, quantify, numerically ...

construct the fracture networks in the coal cubes. 3.2 A procedure to construct fracture networks A procedure is developed to construct the pre-existing fracture networks in the cubic coal blocks using the horizontal and vertical CT slices. The nomenclatures and assumptions of the proposed procedure are first explained as follows. 3.2.1 ...

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Coal Block Allocations and the 2015 Bill

Mar 10, 2015 · Coal Block Allocations and the 2015 Bill In September 2014, the Supreme Court cancelled the allocations of 204 coal blocks. Following the Supreme Court judgement, in October 2014, the government promulgated the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Ordinance, 2014 for the allocation of the cancelled coal mines.

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Coal Block Allocation Cases and the Exclusion of Jurisdiction

Adopting the tests laid down by the Supreme Court, it is apparent that the Order dated 25.07.2014 is bad in law. It creates a distinct category of cases "pertaining to coal block allocation matters" without specifying the scope and extent of this classification.

Coal blocks allocation: SC quizzes Centre on procedure ...

The apex court also questioned the central government on the procedure it followed while allocating captive coal blocks to private and government companies between 1993 and 2010.

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disadvantage to the captive coal block developer in terms of available infrastructure and other facilities; Without disturbing the present procedure of coal block allotment, the future allotment of coal blocks should be on the basis of better investigation and for which CMPDIL and .

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Coal blocks allocated sans procedure between 1998 and 2003 ...

Sep 19, 2012 · Coal blocks allocated sans procedure between 1998 and 2003, says Congress Congress has accused BJP leader Arun Jaitley and others of 'selective amnesia' by citing a number of reported statements they made in the past, slamming the CAG.

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How does the process of reverse auction of coal blocks occur?

Coal blocks for power cos are being auctioned through 'reverse auction' process. In this method coal india ltd fixes a per tonne ceiling price of the coal from a particular block. The quality and cost of mining are taken into account while fixing ...

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Coal Miners Block Train Tracks in Protest of Company's ...

Home Bankruptcy Process and Procedure Claims Coal Miners Block Train Tracks in Protest of Company's Bankruptcy Gaffe Coal Miners Block Train Tracks in Protest of Company's Bankruptcy Gaffe

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